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While the studio is closed, classes will be held online.  Please join my Facebook group- Lisa Diaz Yoga online YIN  to practice with me.  You can send me an email ( or request to join the group via Facebook.

Beginning May, I am asking for a small donation to take the classes.  Please see the info below before donating.

  1. Am I required to donate?    NO!  We are all in a unique situation right now and I want you to practice no matter your financial situation.                                                    
  2. What do I get?     You will have access to all the YIN, YIN-YANG, and Pose Tutorials I have been posting through April plus new content that will be posted May, June and July (about 4 classes each week).  We'll see what happens after July!                                       
  3. How much should I donate?    It's not required so the amount is up to you- honestly and truly up to you and you DO NOT need to donate!

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

About ME


Lisa Diaz

Lisa Diaz is a certified RYT 200 yoga instructor.  She is a Navy wife, proud mom of three, and has a passion for teaching yoga. Yoga has helped her through the good times and the bad, and she hopes to spread her love of yoga.


Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is the perfect compliment to Yang (or active) Yoga and works well to balance the hectic and busy nature of life.  Yin yoga promotes joint strength and range of motion as opposed to muscle strength and flexibility.  It is considered a "cold" practice as the body does not create much heat while practicing.  

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